Sunday, May 27, 2012

dear,this for you❤  if you can dream it,you can do it=))
dont give up,there are many chances waiting for you to find it,and i always there,be with you
you are stronger than any one!!!!!! go do anything that you want to do,you worth it
i'm waiting you back from the tournament,always always beside you.
that your life,if you love it you ,go on=))
love is a four letter word that i always talk to you><
actually is seven wordsxDD =.=
I love you
moon = you ,star = me><
 you are staying in my heart,are you warm inside therexDD
im protecting you=)) i love you for a thousand years><
try your best on everything,i know that you can do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love you


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